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will take a look ahead to a very intriguing matchup at candlestick next week with detroit going to san francisco. >> cris: ben roethlisberger, you're going to be able to see, he's going to look to his left and get a good view. there was no doubt in his mind what was going on. he saw tracy porter there and just tried to squeeze one in that he really didn't have to do. you can't say he was throwing blindly. he was staring at it the whole time. just thought he could thread it in there. obviously, a big mistake. >> al: so pittsburgh needing two touchdowns, down by 12. >> cris: boy, what a difference tracy porter makes. you have champ bailey on your team, so the other guy is going to get a lot of throws over that way. and tracy porter tonight making him think maybe you ought to throw back over to champ bailey's side. >> al: bailey telling us the other day, look, you guys stop the run, we will take care of the pass, trust me. >> cris: they did. a pretty good job. not complete stoppage of the run, but a much better job by the broncos' defensive front seven than what we saw a season ago. >> al
of the game if san francisco recovers it. or maybe a little drama if detroit recovers it. >> cris: believe me, the last thing jim harbaugh wants to deal with is calvin johnson running down for a hail mary at the end of the game. this is that point in the game where you're going let's end this thing. get your hands team out there. and get it over with. >> al: special teams coach, danny crossman. there is the special teams coach of the 49ers. >> cris: this is one of those jobs they used to put me on the hot corner because i was a little taller and they would bounce the balls. not a whole lot of fun. they end up protecting the guy a little bit better now blockers in front allow vernon davis or one of their receivers to come down and make the catch. >> al: so the 49ers with what they call a hand see for the most part. you see vernon davis out there. hanson. remember, it has to go ten yards before a lion can recover it. everybody up at the 45 yard line. now the 49ers are going to take another time-out. >> cris: interesting. there is nobody back in the middle of the field. you could take this kick
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2